The "Outback" and it's Browns

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Brk Trt
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The "Outback" and it's Browns

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There is a stream in Connecticut that I call the "Outback" is a stream that gives up some impressive wild browns, and can also humble you like no other stream. The name Outback refers more to the inhospitable woods and briars that surround the stream. If you are on blood thinners be extra careful.
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This day I was put in my place by the fish of the Outback...3 hours, rising fish, dry flies, streamers, wet flies, and I was 0 for 7. Finally I managed to get one to take a heavily dressed wet fly.
DSCN7120.JPG (638.22 KiB) Viewed 896 times
A powerful brown that gave my little glass 2wt all it could handle. As I walked out to my Honda I realized "I just had a great day"


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Re: The "Outback" and it's Browns

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Marvelous soft hackle water ...

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Re: The "Outback" and it's Browns

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Agreed Bill, with that broken water one would have to believe in a short time the place will be teeming with active aquatic life. I wish my little streams had a lot more of what Alan has shared.
Regards, Jerry

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Re: The "Outback" and it's Browns

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Nice... my kind of water...


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Re: The "Outback" and it's Browns

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Lovely.......a couple of more posts like that, and I WILL leave my office here in the city, drive to the No-Kill on the Beaverkill, and FISH. It has happened before. In season, my run is to the Neversink,@ Bridgeville where it crosses rte 17. More than once I have been asked "why do you wear a suit and tie fishing"?? I felt like an escaped convict, trying to hide in plain sight while wearing striped inmate garb. If those guys that asked me only knew the truth. One time years ago, when I worked for a company rather than myself, my waders pants were soaked up to my crotch. I thought they would dry on the hour "run" back to the office........needless to say, I was FIRED. It WAS worth it - the blue quill was ON as strong as ever, and I caught over a dozen nice browns!!
“Time to go fishing”

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Re: The "Outback" and it's Browns

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I like your priorities! :D

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Re: The "Outback" and it's Browns

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Wow, that stream looks so inviting! And I imagine it's quite the challenge having cagey wild browns in a low gradient stream-bed where they can see you coming if you're not careful. Those are some very big spots on a small stream brown. You must have been on the top of your game to get that pretty fish. Very nice Alan.

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