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Today's mail

Post by Eperous »

Despite snow falling at an alarming rate, today's mail brought me a package from Charlie Collins, including several #3 ginger necks...

Collins #3 ginger necks.jpg
Collins #3 ginger necks.jpg (72.41 KiB) Viewed 251 times

I don't think one can beat the quality and price for Collins' necks.

There's a long story behind this, but we'll let it go at that.


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Re: Today's mail

Post by fishcane »

A package from Charlie will warm the coldest of days...

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Re: Today's mail

Post by Caneghost »

Mine arrived in Monday's mail too! Barred Rusty Dun & Barred Ginger. I love his barred colors!
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Re: Today's mail

Post by ibookje »

Very nice colors!

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Re: Today's mail

Post by Theroe »

Very nice, guys. Yes, Charlie has a great product!
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Re: Today's mail

Post by HookI »

USPS yep pretty terrible these days two fly shop orders of hooks since last week in January ..... where are they ?
Guys those Hackle are top shelf , going to order a few from Collins . Thanks for sharing
If it has fins I want to catch it .

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