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Re: only one material

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+1 for peacock herl.
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Re: only one material

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ted patlen wrote:
Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:45 pm
Ed's thread about favorite feathers reminded me of a question I like to ask tiers.

If you could use only one material besides thread, for all your fly tying, for trout, warm water fish, salt water...all your fishing , what would that material be? why?
Like already mentioned definitely CDC.
You can create a lot of patterns in a lot of colours and fish likes them also Ted.


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Re: only one material

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It's kind of hard to tie anything without thread, so if thread counts as the material, then thread it is. Discounting thread, it would be partridge.

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Re: only one material

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If I were stranded on an island with a bottle (or two, or three) of whiskey, a mermaid, some hooks and thread and only one material -- it would be "deer hair" for sure. :D

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