Catskill-style materials

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Matt Grobert
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Re: Catskill-style materials

Post by Matt Grobert »

For starters, get yourself a copy of Mike Valla's book - Tying Catskill Dries. I would start with materials for just a few patterns and then take it from there.

Good luck!

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Re: Catskill-style materials

Post by Theroe »

Get three capes from Charlie Collins: a medium dun, a brown, and a cream. He give you the saddle: with those three colors you can tie just about anything. A muskrat, Mole, woodchuck and hairs mask will give you unlimited dubbing. White 6/0 thread can be colored with any marker. Get a full wood duck skin, and you’re in business!!!!

.... Plus some hooks of course!!!

“Time to go fishing”

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Re: Catskill-style materials

Post by Bamboo&Brookies »

Might as well get four capes & saddles from Collins, as long as you are at it: the previously mentioned medium dun, brown and cream, plus a grizzly.

Grizzly is used in many dressings, including the venerable Adams (not technically a Catskill native but if you bend the rules slightly it can be tied in the Catskill tradition), along with other dries like Grey Fox and March Brown.

Grizzly, to my eye anyway, gives the appearance of life, movement and that elusive "bugginess" on the water.

Beyond that, like Dana said, get some muskrat and wood duck and you are on your way.

While it's not used in many Catskill dressings, I find natural snowshoe hare to be an incredibly effective tying material. You cannot go wrong with Fran Betters' Adirondack original, The Usual. During hunting season I get a snowshoe hare or two, or it's pretty easy to do an online search for a NY State Guide who hunts snowshoes and will send you some back feet for little or nothing. (Forgive me for straying from the Catskill dressings).

You don't need to break the bank to tie these flies.

Best of luck!

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ted patlen
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Re: Catskill-style materials

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Mikes Book tell it all

but you can't go wrong with just about any make hook in the "standard" dry fly hook.

those four necks mentioned will tie more patterns than you want. the stripped quills will also make nice bodies.

dubbing ...a small container of 6 different colors will suffice...cream, olive, rusty red, gray, black. you DO NOT have to be perfect.
to get a pink used pink thread under the cream with that idea and you can get a wide range of colors

6/0 thread in white is misty useful

another body material that is extremely useful is peacock herl. if you go to summeriest or Foxy's store everything can be found

ted patlen
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Re: Catskill-style materials

Post by ted patlen »

ust read that you live in Sweden. talk to Johan Klingberg, Niklas Dahlion and David Strenstrom for starters...SAY HELLO TO THEM FOR ME.

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