New Kid on the Block

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Dr. Blue Dun
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New Kid on the Block

Post by Dr. Blue Dun »

Well when I refered to myself as a kid I forgot about my chronological age of 80. My fly fisherman son often refers to me as his 80 year old kid brother as I am always a step or two ahead of him. That being said, I have been involved since the age of 12 when I was introduced at the time, to the dark art by a group called the Order of the Jungle Cock. At the time they visited our Scout camp at TMR and that's where it all began. So I've been at the mercy of this magnificent obsession for quite a while. I just ran across this site a few days ago and was pleasantly suprised to find it and liking the peaceful vibrations I perceived, I added to my list of favorites. Basically I'm a nymph(omaniac) fisherman and do spend quite a number of days on the Willo and West Branch, and several PA streams each year but the trips are getting farther apart. No need to go into anymore gory details, but I think I will enjoy spending some time browsing the site each day. I hope I can add something to the group every now and then as I tend to be relatively peaceful and I usually leave the vinegar for the salad. I hope to get to know you guys and mebbe meet occasionally on the streams. Anyhow hello to all ....."Doc"
" It has always been my private conviction that any man who puts his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming"...John Steinbeck

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Re: New Kid on the Block

Post by catskilljohn »

Ohhhh, Doc, you and I are going to get along fine, just fine!

Nymphs. Love e'm, nothing like e'm, targeting fish where they live just makes so much sense, doesn't it? All these dog-gone dry fly guys-I dont get it.

Seriously, thanks for stopping by and "favorite'ing" us, feel free to jump right in, we can gang up on those dry fly guys :lol: CJ
"Gentlemen,remove your hats,this is it"
"This is where the trout was invented?"
"Oh he existed in a crude,primitive form in Waltons England"
"But this is where they painted spots on him and taught him to swim"

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Re: New Kid on the Block

Post by Eperous »

Welcome Doc.... looking forward to hearing what you have to say whenever you have the time to stop by and share... :D


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Re: New Kid on the Block

Post by dennis »

Hey Doc, welcome aboard. :)

Alberto Calzolari
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Re: New Kid on the Block

Post by Alberto Calzolari »

Welcome aboard Doc.

And cheers from Italy.

My web site :

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Re: New Kid on the Block

Post by roycestearns »

I'll listen to 80 years of experience any day. welcome aboard Doc.

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Re: New Kid on the Block

Post by Mantis »

Welcome Doc, I look forward to your posts. Bob

ted patlen
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Re: New Kid on the Block

Post by ted patlen »

yo doc,

welcome to the dark side...where you from again?


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