BULK Peacock Eye Order

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Re: BULK Peacock Eye Order

Post by catskilljohn »

I could swing by and grab them Ronbo, if me and narco dont get lost on some brook trout water up there :D CJ
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"This is where the trout was invented?"
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Re: BULK Peacock Eye Order

Post by Ronbo »

Thanks Johnny,
Take Narco to that spot way up the willow that has a deadfall every 10 feetl
he'll love it :lol:

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Re: BULK Peacock Eye Order

Post by FlySlinger »

Hi Joe I will take $30.00 worth insted of my 20...This sounds Better...I sent you a PM with my Mailing Address...Just tell me when and how to send you my share of my money...Thanks FlySlinger

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Re: BULK Peacock Eye Order

Post by corlay »

Joe, sent you a pm regarding my order in this forum about 3 weeks ago, that I assume you've received (it's no longer sitting in my "Outbox"...) but I've not yet heard back from you? Did you reply, and it somehow got lost? Thanks, Corey

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