Salt Water Flats Patterns

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Salt Water Flats Patterns

Post by bigborebob »

Does anyone have any info on tying saltwater flats patterns? I'm going to to do a "reverse" weather trip to Key West in late June trying for a slam. I know it will be hot, weather wise, but not too crowded, people wise.
Anyway, looking for a few patterns that may work.

I'm new to the flats fishing, so I'll have to start my collection from scratch. I'm meeting a guide down there and he'll have plenty of stock, but I'd like to bring a few dozen of my own.

We're celebrating our 30th wedding aniverssary on this trip & my wife made me promise this would differ than our typical fishing trips together.
No problem, I've only booked Dexter for fishing 6 out of the 8 days. The rest of th trip will be dedicated to my wife, or resting, or...
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Re: Salt Water Flats Patterns

Post by catskilljohn »

I wish I could offer something for you big bore, but salt is not my thing at all. Actually the only thing I like about the ocean is that once a year my wife and kids go there for a week and I get to fish the Catskills all day, instead of 4 hours in the morning :lol:

Teddy Patlen is an all around "if its got fins, I cast to it" guy, maybe he can help if he sees this. CJ
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Re: Salt Water Flats Patterns

Post by Bud »


Post your question here:

Lot's 'o salt, lots of South Florida experience there.

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