Looks like no fishing this year

Anything fly tying...
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Looks like no fishing this year

Post by Fatman »

Well unless the Doc changes her mind I'm not gonna be doing any fishing or tying for the next 90-180 days. For some damned reason I've been having seizures for the last month, worse than Grand Mals and they can't figure out why. Had one the other day while I was asleep and wearing my Bipap mask due to sleep apnea. Now I'm on anit-seizure meds which are making me drowsy all the time.

Hopefully they'll decide if I can do some tying, but it looks bad as if I were to have one I could fall on the hooks.

this year really BITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catch some fish for me and show some good ties!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Looks like no fishing this year

Post by dennis »

Hang in there man Better days comin ;)

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Re: Looks like no fishing this year

Post by Eperous »

FM - the very best of luck, and I hope this years turns around in a positive fashion for you real soon... Keep the faith, keep us posted, and hope you are doing better in the near future... I can sense the frustration in your post - hang tough... hopefully much better days lie ahead for you...


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Re: Looks like no fishing this year

Post by redietz »

Man, not fishing would be rough. I hope things turn around for you.

ted patlen
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Re: Looks like no fishing this year

Post by ted patlen »

hang in there guy...

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Re: Looks like no fishing this year

Post by catskilljohn »


We will do our best to keep you informed of all the going's on's, read the posts, close your eyes and picture yourself there ;) .

Take care man, next fish is for you buddy. CJ
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Re: Looks like no fishing this year

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John I haven't known you for a long time, so don't quit or lose hope----DON'T EVER QUIT. Keep those hopes alive and you will be outside again fishing and tying. I've made it to 80 going through bladder cancer two heart attacks and quad by-pass and then I got tied up with diabetes. I refuse to quit and by God it's tougher each time I go on a stream, but I am damned if I going to quit. My prayers are with you and I knw the docs will come through and put you back on your feet. God love you !...."Doc"
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