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Re: Introduction

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Welcome Ed. I caught my two largest (non club water) trout in Vermont. Bob

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Re: Introduction

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Fatman wrote:Ed

Welcome aboard from another Vermonter!!!! I'm up in Northfield!! and I'm with you on the rain, it can stop anytime. With the medical problems I haven't been able to fish in over a year and I'm not supposed to play with any sharp items so tying has been out too.

Gonna hate to see wht happens when I can start again, It ain't gonna be pretty LOL

Again Welcome


Fatman-how are you doing, it's good to see you posting. We all are thinking of you.
Hurry and get well ;)

Ed Pirie
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Re: Introduction

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Gee Fatman, I am sorry to hear about your medical problem. To be honest, so far this season has been tough as you well know with the weather and poor water conditions. I think things are looking better finally. I usually get over to the Dog River a couple of times a summer. The last few summers it has not been as kind to me as it used to be. Maybe, I am just not fishing it well, but I do always enjoy that stream.

Thanks for the welcome and hope to hear more from you,
Ed Pirie
West Topsham, Vermont

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Re: Introduction

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The flooding was NOT good for the Dog this year. What we call the flats where one of the railroad tressels is the guys field is in the river and it's pretty damned shallow. When they came out with the new regs on the Dog we told the guy from FW what needed to be done to try and fix it. Too many trees gone from the edge and it left the banks bare for the water to take.

They griped that there wasn't alot of fish movement but how can there be when the deep holes and runs keep getting filled in. I'd love to see them dredge the shallow's and open them up to get the fish moving, but hate to see it do any harm to the river. There's some really nice stretch's but it's really hard to get to them, one if you can take the walk through the water to get there, or get access to get there.

Okay sorry about the ramble but l started fishing the Dog when my wife and I were first dating in 1982 and have fished it since. Don't know if you've checked the special regs on the river till I think 2015 but I don't think it's gonna help.

Talk at ya


Ed Pirie
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Re: Introduction

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Hi Fatman,

I have read about the special regs. for the Dog - I hope they will help, but I am not sure. I grew up in Barre and my brother-in-law and I used to go over often in the 1980's and early 90's. We used to park by Cetrangelo's granite shed and the Riverton Fire Dept. and fish up and down from this point. It was excellent then but then there seemed to be a spill or something from a sewage treatment plant or water filtration plant in Northfield. The Dog seemed to be really hurt by this and we stopped fishing over there as much. Also, about this time I moved to West Topsham so we started fishing the First Branch of the White River, the Waits River, and the Wells River much more as well as some visits to Seyon Pond every summer. There are so many good brooks over by me that I just don't get over to the Dog much anymore. Another good stream is the brook that goes from Peacham through Barnet and empties into the Connecticut River - very good to me in the summer as well as the brook coming out of Seyon Pond that joins up with the Wells River in Groton. I can stay busy all summer with these brooks and small tribs. not to mention some beaver ponds that I like to fish.

I do wish you good health and some fishing time this season.

Take care,

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Re: Introduction

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Welcome to the family---bring your tying vise and set down and join us....."Doc"
" It has always been my private conviction that any man who puts his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming"...John Steinbeck

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