Allcock or Allcocks?

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Allcock or Allcocks?

Post by ibookje »

The name Allcock is spelled sometimes with and without an 'S'?
Are their hooks called 'Allcocks' as brandname while the company name is 'Allcock'?



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Re: Allcock or Allcocks?

Post by catskilljohn »

I always wondered about this....even myself, when I write it I use both versions!😂. CJ
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Re: Allcock or Allcocks?

Post by ted patlen »

Maybe it is just the misuse of possessive nouns. "S.Allcock and Co" is the name of the business thus their product should be "Allcock's".

Or it may be also distinctive label design. Just like billboards or signs that should tell who and what with a fleeting glance. All the packages have ALLCOCKS followed by small red script tapered turned down yes, followed by larger type, model perfect hooks. But at a quick glance you read, Allcocks there is no apostrophe.

like questions like this

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Re: Allcock or Allcocks?

Post by Theroe »

it means they are ALL NO GOOD, send to THEROE for disposal !!
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