Capra hair

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Re: Capra hair

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Ted, Alvin Theriault in Maine sells some nice goat hair, he raises several breeds. I have bought from him in the past.

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Re: Capra hair

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I was just thinking the same thing Narco was thinking: hit up a goat farmer. Whenever I need something like Tup's wool, it's the farmers who have come through. ... sal-stripe

Must be a lot of old goats out there and one hide can tie you 6,243 striper flies--give or take a few.

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Re: Capra hair

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Thanks for the offer of paying Ted, but you’ve sent me things whenever I’ve needed them. Plus, it’s half the fun of this vocation: finding things your friends/acquaintances/fellow tyers need and sending it to them!

SOMEWHERE, I do have a few boxes of down I cadmium plated Mustad hooks specifically for tying streamers. In fact I bought them at the old race run tackle shop in Provincetown Massachusetts right when it closed in the 1970s. I don’t know if you ever made it there, but Walt was a great guy. He was the outer Cape guru at the time, along with Stetzko, Cooper, et al.

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