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Post by dazwah »

What is your favorite color Hackle to use? Mine is a light furnace as I go for it the most

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Re: Hackle

Post by catskilljohn »

I think a medium dun. Its hard to say though, every one has its place and I love them all. CJ
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Re: Hackle

Post by ewpeper »

Pale watery dun or very pale dun grizzly. I like the hackle to be almost transparent on many of my ties.

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Re: Hackle

Post by Eperous »

Without any doubt, ginger or light brown.... not a very sexy answer but I use that color - and hen necks also - more than any other... follow that up with some great grizzly.... ;)


PS - I tried purchasing some black Metz saddles just this week from a source I use - for black woolly buggers - and told to forget about till maybe the end of March.... I asked if this has to do with the girly feather in hair thing and told "Yes"... :cry: Good thing I really don't need any right now... I mean really need, not need-want typical of fly fishers.. :o

And by the way, good hackle - including hen hackle - is sort of like fire wood in this neck of the woods... you can never have too much of it... it's money in the bank... :D

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Re: Hackle

Post by narcodog »

I got a dark barred dun from Charlie. I just love looking at it. It's so beautiful..

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Re: Hackle

Post by ted patlen »

something with barring but my favorite has to be the cree "instant adams" that has grizzly/black and red

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Re: Hackle

Post by dennis »

Dun ( Darbee) or Ginger is my favorite's to admire. To tye with it would have to be Grizzly and brown mix. That color matches a lot of bugs here in the Midwest.

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Re: Hackle

Post by dazwah »

Interesting about some answers, I do love barred colors also but I don't have many to choose from. I guess all have their place, what about the color least Used, mine would have to be black.

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Re: Hackle

Post by hacklehead »

Collin's Golden Grizzly

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Re: Hackle

Post by wiFlyFisher »

I love all my Whiting capes, but I am very sentimental about my ol' Hoffman Grizzly cape that is about 30 years old.

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