SWAP Anyone?

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SWAP Anyone?

Post by Allan »

Are you guys still too busy fishing :) ? If so, I'll hold off. If you're not, I'm getting the itch to really get into fly tying this off season and I thought a swap would kick start me into the ho hum hibernation until next season, April/May :lol:
Anyway, here's what I had in mind: An 'Extended Body Dry Fly Swap'. Here are the particulars:
1. Swap must have at least 6, but no more than 12 tyers. List of tyers and patterns will appear below.
2. Sign-up by Monday, 10/22.
3. Flies will be due in my hands 12/01
4. Toe tags attached to each fly with: a)your name; b)pattern name; c)recipe if not easily evident or if you just want to be helpful.
5. Communication always the key to a successful swap, so keep in touch.
6. I'll photograph each fly and post the entire set after swap completed.
7. Sets of flies sent to participants within 5 days of close of swap.

Who wants to join?

Here's mine: Allan - Extended body BWO (cornuta) done and ready
flymank - green drake spinner
Bud - Extended-body March Brown arrived
Tim - "Black Night Fly"arrived
narco - TBD
Jason - Isonychia dun arrived
quadfish - 'paradrake' arrived
Will - a Callibaetis (of some type) arrived

Oct. 24th: Okay, so we are set with 8 tyers which means everyone will be tying 7 flies. If there is any communication or questions I will try and resond asap. I will also add to the tyers choice lines above when flies have been received. Good luck everyone and let's see what interesting patterns we come up with.

See Important Notice - 11/10/12
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Re: SWAP Anyone?

Post by SgtMajUSMC »


I'm in...I'll have to think about what I will tie, though.

Great idea...

Mike, a great opportunity to get involved in one of those swaps you asked about last year-without the hassle of being abducted by aliens (similar to the situation described by CJ!)

Come on everybody, let's get this (tying) party started!



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Re: SWAP Anyone?

Post by narcodog »

Sounds like a great swap. It will be interesting to see everyone's flies.

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Re: SWAP Anyone?

Post by Jason »

Count me in Allan. I am new to this site but not to fly swaps. I need to check out what I have to use before I can pick a pattern. I'll let you know.

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Re: SWAP Anyone?

Post by Bud »

I'll bite.

Extended-body March Brown.

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Re: SWAP Anyone?

Post by flymank »

I'm down for this and I'll do a green drake spinner-flymank out

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Re: SWAP Anyone?

Post by quadfish »

Cool, can't pass this up!! I'm in, but I'll have to figure something out and let you know Allan.

-Rick :D
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Will Purdy
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Re: SWAP Anyone?

Post by Will Purdy »

I'd love to join in, if a Colorado guy can play. I have in mind a Callibaetis dun pattern of some sort , but will need to work out some details before I am firm on that selection.

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Re: SWAP Anyone?

Post by Allan »

Hi Will - Of course CO guys are welcome. Good to have you. My daughter is in Ft. Collins.

Hi guys,

Thanks for joining in. I'm extending the sign-up until Wednesday because something came up and I've got to go out of town. Just gives some non-signees a chance to think about it an extra day or two and perhaps join in. Anyway, thanks
Tim, narco, Bud, Jason, Flymank, Rick & Will.
This should be an interesting swap.
Let me know what pattern you choose so I can add it on to the original post.


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Re: SWAP Anyone?

Post by Jason »

Allan.....put me down for an Isonychia dun

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