Fly tying MUSIC

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Fly tying MUSIC

Post by Eperous »

Perhaps I'm treading where few members of this board ever go, and perhaps most board members will have no idea of what the hell I'm babbling about. That said, during winter months when I tie flies I thoroughly enjoy listening to music on CD's. Sometimes I pick Billy Joel, or perhaps Rod Stewart, or even Alabama, or maybe classical no less. Today some 6"-10" of white puffy wet snow with large flakes finally fell in the eastern Catskill --- just perfect for Enya. :) Yikes!!!! :P

So my question(s) is, does anyone else out there - whereever you are - listen to tunes while tying up a storm, or how else might you pass the time? :?:


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Re: Fly tying MUSIC

Post by narcodog »

I always have the laptop on and have classical music streaming through. The station I usually listen to is located at Lehigh University.

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Re: Fly tying MUSIC

Post by catskilljohn »

Its funny, as much as I love listening to the radio, cd's or whatever, I dont have music on when I tye here at home.

Upstate, I always listen to the local radio station, WJFF 90.5, it gets all its power from a generator spun from the water power at the dam of Lake Jefferson. I actually associate some flies with music I heard while tying them up there. Wierd huh? CJ
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Re: Fly tying MUSIC

Post by the wolf88 »

most of the music is coming from my laptop,, "net music" and for a good change of pace.. always throw in few bagpipes tunes in

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Re: Fly tying MUSIC

Post by Ronbo »

The Dead, Cream, Zepplin, Floyd, Johny and Edgar Winter, Hot Tuna 8-)

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Re: Fly tying MUSIC

Post by corlay »

usually NPR radio coming from the Kitchen,
nearby to the pass-thru bar that I tie at occasionally.
(boring! I know...)

in my basement workshop where I do my rod-building,
I keep an old boom-box with a bunch of 60's Jazz cd's:
Davis, Coltrane, Mingus, Sanders, Monk, Dolphy, Stitt, etc.

ted patlen
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Re: Fly tying MUSIC

Post by ted patlen »



i grew up with the tv on and to this day it's always on...that's my background music...never even thought of playing music while tying...i tie fast enough as it is , so i might do permanent damge to my hands if i start listening to FAT BOTTOM WOMEN or zz top..or george thorogood, or alvin lee

i've ruined so many flies while listening to the rangers too. :D

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Re: Fly tying MUSIC

Post by redietz »

Bluegrass, blues or the Dead.

Although the song "Who Told the Butcher" by Steeleye Span is certainly inspirational for tying (google the lyrics and you'll see why.)

Jim Slattery
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Re: Fly tying MUSIC

Post by Jim Slattery »

I like to listen to Brad Paisley. Also the Nashville station on xm satellite radio. A far cry from my Punk Rock days....but not as far as you may think. A lot of the new country ROCKS!!!! The closeset thing to new rock n roll around. If I'm not listening to the radio I'm like Ted, the TV is my backround noise. Hell we put a flat screen tv in a spot in our living room so we could tie and watch TV at the same time. We set up a 6 foot folding table to tie behind the couch. I even got the wife tying along side me now.

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Re: Fly tying MUSIC

Post by Bamboo&Brookies »

One of the local college or NPR stations playing old-school jazz and/or blues.

Or when the cd player is rolling, the Allmans (In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, Mountain Jam, etc. ), the Dead (China Cat, I Know You Rider), or Bluegrass.
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