Turkey Feathers

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Turkey Feathers

Post by greyfox »

A friend of mine just shot a huge Tom and wants to give me some feathers, which are the best ones, because I have no idea.
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Re: Turkey Feathers

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I find the tail feathers both the short and long the most useful. Some of the wing quills can be useful for wet flies but it depends on their color. The rest have limited uses but are quite interesting.

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Re: Turkey Feathers

Post by Squaretail »

The mottled oak wing quills are the most expensive to purchase and make great Muddler wings, hopper or golden stone wingcases. I'd nab those if you can.
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Re: Turkey Feathers

Post by Dunamis »

Don't forget the marabou around the bum!
Cheers John

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Re: Turkey Feathers

Post by BrownBear »

I've had a lot of success using the breast feathers for nymph legs and tails, as well as for hackles on soft hackle patterns. Of course they're too long to "wrap" on the softies, but if you tie in a clump the right length and fold it back, the results are excellent.

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