Eastern dozen must-haves

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Re: Eastern dozen must-haves

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ted patlen wrote:
catskilljohn wrote:
Matt Grobert wrote: If all else fails, there's always a squirmy worm........ :lol:
Funny you mention that in that context...I was talking to a guy who said the same thing! CJ

isn't that a "leech" :)

No, a leech is tied with materials that don't degrade from the sun and heat........I was fishing with three members of the US Youth FF Team this weekend on the BK working with them on their dry fly skills. They had some squirmies in their boxes and with the heat, those things degraded and were literally melting and falling apart. They thought it was funny, I told them if they tied real flies that wouldn't happen..... :lol:

BTW - One of those kids whom I've worked with the last three years found out Monday he made the national team and will represent the US this summer.

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Re: Eastern dozen must-haves

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Congrats on your students success Matt. Make sure he leaves the squirmy worms home when he goes though.

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Re: Eastern dozen must-haves

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it is odd that i learned of squirmy wormies from such a venerable forum :) why not just use a plastic worm ? oh,because it is one,haha

but seriously, my choices of an eastern dozen would be

soft hackles in orange,yellow,green and peacock
light cahill
leadwing coachman

of course,my opinion tomorrow will probably be different

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