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New Vise

Post by blackdirtfly »

I am looking to upgrade from Danvise to a new vise. I want one that'll last. I don't want to break the bank either, say under $300.00 bucks. Thanks.

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Re: New Vise

Post by narcodog »

I have a Renzetti Traveler that I have used for about 15 years, they are about $150.00. When traveling I have a Regal with the stainless jaws, I really like this vise and I the Renzetti was not in a permanent mount I would use the Regal all of the time.

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Re: New Vise

Post by squish67 »

I've had a Regal for 40 years. Love it! You can't go wrong.


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Re: New Vise

Post by Eperous »

HMH Standard... guaranteed for life, plus it rotates, but not on a horizontal plane... love mine, :D but I "grew up" on Thompson vises... ;)


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Re: New Vise

Post by blackdirtfly »

Thank You Gents.

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Re: New Vise

Post by tie2fish »

Another vote for Regal here, and for pedestal mount as well.

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Re: New Vise

Post by BrownBear »

I'm going to break your budget by $15, but the Dyna-King Professional at $315 is a real winner if your tying list includes large flies as well as small. It also swings horizontal for easy rotation to all sides of flies. It's one of the best I've used for tying the likes of Clausers. I've used mine happily for everything from #28 up to #5/0. It's nice and streamlined so things like the Regal squeeze lever don't get in the way as you rotate your flies to different positions. Tried the Regals and have two of them gathering dust in a drawer. Just too much "stuff" in the way.

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Re: New Vise

Post by walt »

I have been tying flies for 54 years now (not a typo) and for most of that time used simple Thompson Model A vises. My grandfather gave me one that was made in the 30's that was by far the best of three. Worst was the second one I bought in the early 70's. For about $12.00 I think. What made them better than each other? The steel in the jaws. If you tie many flies eventually the leading edges of the jaws get deformed and the hooks-especially the smaller sizes-start moving when you apply thread pressure. For the last 15 years I have been using a Dyna King vise. Not the professional but the next model down. It is about $100 cheaper if I recall correctly. It does everything the pro model does except the angle of the vise is not adjustable. I have tied over several thousand dozen (also not a typo) on this vise so far and there is not a mark on the jaws. Best vise I have ever seen or used. The angle of the barrel of the vise is very close to the model A with the added benefit of being able to spin the jaws around to trim or inspect your fly when you are finished. It is a very comfortable vise to use. The horizontal Renzetti style of vise hurts my wrists if I tie on it for any time. The Dyna king gets my vote for any serious fly tier. You can also get small fly jaws for it but I have never needed them. I have tied 28's down to 2/0 salt water on the same adjustable jaws with no problem. Good luck-happy tying.

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Re: New Vise

Post by bearbutt »

I started out around 1971 using a Universal rotating vise--mostly because they were made locally. I loved it, it did one thing all my pal's Thompsons couldn't do: rotate, so I could turn flies to see what's happening on the back side, especially when tying streamers. If you look in Valla's Founding Flies, you can see a lot of people were using them back then. The aluminum is fairly light--I still use this vise as my travel vise if I'm flying.

For everything else, it's a Regal. I love the low angle, and above all the simplicity--and of course, the rotating head.


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Re: New Vise

Post by St.Froid »

BrownBear wrote: Tried the Regals and have two of them gathering dust in a drawer.
Sacrilege! Fie! A pox upon you, unbeliever!

...I hear really good things about the Dyna King.

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