Pheasant Tail Bodies

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Pheasant Tail Bodies

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When I'm dressing flies at a show or store, I often dress a few that utilize rooster pheasant tails in the body. Oftentimes, people / attendees watching will comment when they see what I do to the PTs before wrapping the bodies with the PTs .......namely, after tying in the PTs, I then rub my thumb nail from the PTs' tips towards the PTs' butts to separate the individual barbules on the pieces of PTs. After doing this, it's noticeable that the PT pieces are no longer "smooth" but that little "barbules" are now visible on the edges that provide a "spiky gill-like" appearance to the fly's PT body. Just an idea that others might like to try.

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Re: Pheasant Tail Bodies

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thanks for the tip I like the p tail and tie quite a few.they just seem to work

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