Rat Faced McDougall

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Rat Faced McDougall

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...it was while Percy was tying one of these that a young friend of his daughter, Mary Dimock came by. She saw the fly and said "Boy that´s got personality."Percy, knowing that the fly had a troublesomename among our more gentle fly-casting friends, rose to the chance and challenged Mary to give it a name. She was up to the chalenge, saying, "I think it´s a Rat Faced McDougal." And so the fly was dubbed.

-Catskill Flytier Harry Darbee with Mac Francis

Rat Faced McDougall -Original pattern
Tail: Ginger Cock Hackle fibers
Body: Cliped tannish-grey deer hair
Wings: Cream grizzly hackle tips
Hackle: Ginger cock

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