X-Caddis, the only dry fly you really need

From Halford's early dries to the Catskill dry and everything else that floats on the surface.
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X-Caddis, the only dry fly you really need

Post by Eperous »

It's a long story, but quite a while ago one of "the Jersey boys" brought back some X-Caddis from his recent trip to Yellowstone, and I stole one from his fly box. This Craig Mathews patterns really catches trout. In one color, sizes 14 through 20, this would be the dry fly I'd take if I was limited to just one the entire season. Easy to tie, floats like a cork, and trout seem to love it...

A hatch of X-Caddis -


X-Caddis, #14 Mustad 94840:


Enough said.... Shhhh, just don't tell anyone else.... Our secret.... ;)


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Re: X-Caddis, the only dry fly you really need

Post by redietz »

It took me a season to get past the word "Caddis" in the name, it works for other insects as well.

July 4, 1996 was my first wedding anniversary after my wife passed away, much too young. I spent the day feeling sorry for myself, and getting skunked on Falling Springs in Chambersburg, PA. At dusk, a spinner fall of sulfurs appeared, and just round out an already miserable day, I'd left my box of sulfurs at home. I did have an X-Caddis in an appropriate color, though and tied it on. On the first cast, a rainbow grabbed it, and jumped straight into the air as soon as I set the hook. It then did a remarkable thing -- it exploded into multiple colors at the top of the jump. At least that's what it looked like; the town fireworks display had just started, and the jump placed the fish directly in line of sight to the first explosion on the horizon. I caught five more on the X-Caddis that evening before it was too dark to see, and somehow life didn't suck as much anymore. An X-Caddis has been part of my sulfur repertoire ever since. And I will never forget that fish.

I vastly prefer the fly to the standard ECH.

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Re: X-Caddis, the only dry fly you really need

Post by viking »

Thoose are some beautiful flies. I fish that fly a lot here in Sweden, though we have tons of caddis in our lakes and rivers.
I tie my X-Caddis with some cdc for tail.

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Re: X-Caddis, the only dry fly you really need

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I will add to the general agreement about the effectiveness of the X-Caddis.
Here in Western North Carolina, our mountain trout take these flies when nothing else will raise a fish.

Next time I get to Falling Spring Branch in Pennsylvania, I will use it too.
Those stream-bred rainbows are very picky, and I have been skunked on several occasions.

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