Catskill inspired dries...

From Halford's early dries to the Catskill dry and everything else that floats on the surface.
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Re: Catskill inspired dries...

Post by Eperous »

Great ties, superb looking photos... ;) As Eric mentioned, I also sometimes reinforce peacock quill body dries, especially the Quill Gordon, with fine gold wire... I think Art Flick once suggested this tip in one of his books, so it's probably okay to do -- and still have Catskill inspired classic dry flies... :o


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Re: Catskill inspired dries...

Post by SgtMajUSMC »

Very nicely tied!

Did you do anything special with the peacock quill? Soak them in water or something else prior to tying?

Did you strip the herl yourself, or purchase them stripped?

Very nice looking body-nice light and dark bands. The claret or red thread gives a very classy look, too.

Art Flick does suggest this, in his New Streamside Guide to Naturals and Their Imitations:

"As the peacock quills are somehat delicate, I suggest that the body be wound with extra-fine gold wire, and that care be taken to cover the dark portion of the quill rather than the light. Ribbing the fly in this manner will assure longer service from the fly."

Thanks for showing us your fly!



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Re: Catskill inspired dries...

Post by fly_fischa »

Thanks Ed, good to hear from you and to know I'll still be able to call my flies Catskill inspired even after reinforcing with wire ribbing ;)

Prior to tying I did the unspeakable and stuck the quill in my mouth (Yuck)!!! I often use frugal glue when I forget to get a bowl of water before my tying session :?
I purchased the quills already stripped, I think I'll be stripping my own in future. It's expensive and some of the quills aren't that great.

Thanks for the advise and feedback, I appreciate it :D

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Re: Catskill inspired dries...

Post by SgtMajUSMC »

Saliva is a great tying aid that fortunately doesn't cost $48 a tube...yet!

Like many things, I know I that shouldn't do it...but I do anyway.

I've tried to go the bowl of water and damp sponge route, and it doesn't work for me.

Great job, again!

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Re: Catskill inspired dries...

Post by troutingintas »

Excellent looking quill fly_fischa.
ted patlen wrote:counter winding and lacquer was done so the quill , which is fragile ,lasted.
Another alternative to make the stripped herl more durable is an undercoat of a very small amount Superglue. Not so much that the Superglue oozes between the quill which is wound whilst the Superglue is wet.

Ted, I like the idea of using two or three different colors of thread to make a pseudo quill body.



Re: Catskill inspired dries...

Post by Soft-hackle »

Love 'em all. Exquisite tying!


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Re: Catskill inspired dries...

Post by frankwalsh »

I prefer not to use a rib over the quill body just give it a light coat of well thinned Cellire ........Frank

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