Fran Betters books

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Fran Betters books

Post by SamsonCane »

Does anyone know where I can get some inexpensively? I've been looking for the Tying, Fishing, and Pattern Guide especially.

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Re: Fran Betters books

Post by Caneghost »

Try Abe books, . They list a lot of used books available from dealers all over the US & Canada. I have had good luck ordering through them.
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Re: Fran Betters books

Post by Crashfromboston »

Samson, thats going to be a tough find. Not on ebay, amazon, or abebooks. Your best bet is to look for estate sales in your area.

An online search at bookfinder lists a few out there but they are pricey. ... %2520guide

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Re: Fran Betters books

Post by Theroe »

Check the museums book sale list-or better yet stop in if you live in the area.
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