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Re: Conover

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i hope you're fishing them for the past week the hendricksons have been on the pequest and the conover has been a hot fly.

easy to tie and very effective.

as for the color shifts...please don't get too technical. It was practiced by many commercial tyers to mix a quantity of dubbing and use it all for the pattern. some was saved for future reference but duplicating the exact mixture was a bit shaky...

here's a quick fix...if your mixture is too gray (for you) then tye with bright red thread too red use gray thread....


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Re: Conover

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Here's another example of a Dette Conover......
P1040656x.jpg (264.05 KiB) Viewed 444 times
P1040658x.jpg (231.87 KiB) Viewed 444 times

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