Patterns by John Atherton

From Halford's early dries to the Catskill dry and everything else that floats on the surface.
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Re: Patterns by John Atherton

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>>The publisher was recently made aware of this problem and to the delight of those of us involved with that title corrections are being made. They will be reflected in a subsequent second printing.<<


That's good news. I'm the world's worst proofreader, and people who live in glass houses should wear bathrobes, but there were so many that one wondered what's up with Skyhorse. :shock:

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Re: Patterns by John Atherton

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tie2fish wrote:
Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:56 am
I left clicked on the photo of the Atherton flies and it enlarged. Then I clicked on it again and got larger still.
Thanks Bill
it’s funny - on my iPad when I click it the picture expands, and I see it enlarged.... On my computer it won’t show up which is sort of odd......

Thanks again for the cat card !!!! :D’s a pic of my “dubbing getter”.... she kills anything that comes in to the yard .....
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