The Euro influence, hail Hans van Klinken

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The Euro influence, hail Hans van Klinken

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A wet, heavy cardiac snow fell in the eastern Catskills today, the kind that drops trees, takes out power lines, and give shovelers heart attacks if one is not careful. After I attended to the mess outside, I tied a few creations developed by Hans van Klinken – namely his Klinkhamer Special plus his Once and Away Emerger.

I would classify the Klinkhamer as a generic type dry fly pattern, one that I started fished about 5-6 years ago thinking it was the silver bullet for tough trout. I tie two colors, olive and rusty dun on #18 Partridge GRS15ST hooks.

Olive Klinkhamer Speical, #18 Partridge GRS15ST -


Rusty Dun Klinkhamer Special, #18 Partridge GRS15ST -


As for the Once and Away, I was so happy with results using the Klinkhamer, I decided to give this van Klinken pattern a try also --- and pleased the limited, special times I call upon its services in Catskill NYC tailwaters. I tie these on TMC 2487 or Daiichi 1130, short shank, wide gap hooks in sizes 16 and 18, depending upon what’s available to me. The body is a peccary quill, peacock herl thorax, and wing/wing case of dun cdc.

Once and Away, #18 TMC 2487 -


By the way, I suggest one might want to thumb through Leon Links’ Tying Flies with CDC for some interesting patterns from across the pond, plus a few winners by western fly fisher/tyer Rene Harrop.


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