mouse pattern question

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Re: mouse pattern question

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I've been meaning to tie/fish more mouse-style dressings.

Here's sort of a hybrid some of you guys have probably heard of called the Moorish Mouse. It's a bit more raggedy than some spun hair patterns, and one of the materials is (gasp!) foam:

For a more involved, intricate pattern, here's a hair diver tutorial from Charlie Craven. I've tied several of these over the years, but honestly, it takes me the better part of an afternoon to finish each one and mine are nowhere as refined as the one pictured.

-Rob J.

ps -- I flare deer hair instead of spinning it. It's easier for me to get more consistency.
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Re: mouse pattern question

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Here's a great mouse pattern from my friend Johan Put from across the pond. I've been gearing up to tie some of these and just noticed this thread. He speaks about the ears and tail as well. Hope this provides some additional inspiration. ... mouse-new/

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