Dorato Hare's Ear

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Re: Dorato Hare's Ear

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Thanks for the links and the article you wrote. I should have gone to the Guild's web site and looked it up. Look forward to reading the next issue with your new article as well as the other great information from other members.



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Re: Dorato Hare's Ear

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Eperous wrote:
squish67 wrote:Great stuff, especially the motion part, that is key.

Probably a topic for a totally new & different thread... BUT, I can't recall how many days I've stood knee-to-waist deep in a clear, icy cold East Branch of the Delaware, late-summer afternoons. By this time of season, these wild trout have probably been harassed by countless anglers and watched thousands of "bugs" float overhead. Long gone are the easier times when the season's first Hendrickson floats by and the gullible, hungry trout below slams it. Now I often watch numerous tiny motionless BWO & Sulfur duns drift past me and waiting trout, unbothered like small still sailboats. But then comes along a "bug" that's kicking and moving only to be taken by a fish. I am convinced that these seasoned wild fish key in on "motion" this time of the year. That's one of the reasons this damn dry fly is so darn good. ;)

Also one of the primary reasons for the CDC & Elk's effectiveness, in addition to a good, albeit somewhat amorphous, silhouette

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Re: Dorato Hare's Ear

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ewpeper wrote:
Eperous wrote:...albeit somewhat amorphous, silhouette....
I believe there's lots more to that than any of us can appreciate. I spent two years in my youth (okay, in my 20's) laying in streams and rivers with mask and snorkel tabulating behavior of juvenile steelhead (grad school). For prolonged periods there just wasn't that much going on fish-wise, so I had very good looks at the underside of things passing by on the water surface. It was amazing and humbling to try guessing what was approaching by the silhouette, as distorted by dimpling of the surface film by legs and abdomens.

I still think of those sights as a sit at the tying bench attaching and adjusting assorted bits of fluff and fuzz to hooks. Size, color (remember the undersides of floating bugs are shaded), and silhouette are the starting points, and could very well be the end points without diminishing your hookup rate.

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Re: Dorato Hare's Ear

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In the photo of the original fly tied by Bill Dorato, which Mike posted, it appears to be winged right around the center of the hook shank, and the hackle looks like it's wrapped forward from almost the hook point -- almost palmered (as opposed to the collar hackle you would see on a Catskill-style dry).

Does that sound correct to you folks, or do my eyes deceive me?

-Rob J.
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Re: Dorato Hare's Ear

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I was tying some Dorato Hare's Ears tonight, and went back to look at this post, realized your question was never answered. Part of what you are seeing may be photographic illusions, as the wings should be tied in forward of center, but not much, and IMO the reason it looks palmered is because of the abundance of guard hairs spiking from the body. Interestingly, I was talking with Bill Donato (not Dorato) at a TU event a couple of nights after your post. I was tying and we were discussing this fly. Bill Donato was a friend of Bill Dorato, and he told me the fly he remembered had a very short, "paint brush" tail, and one size under hackle. Bill Donato also mentioned that in his later years, Bill Dorato didn't or couldn't tie his own flies anymore, and that that he, Bill Donato, tied all his flies for him, Bill Dorato. Boy that gets confusing.

Bill Donato had donated a box of his flies to the raffle, which I tried, desperately to win but didn't. The box included one of Donato's, Dorato Hare's Ear. It looked very similar to Ed's fly, but the tail is very stubby, not extending much beyond the outside edge of the bend in the hook. The body was short by Catskill Standards, and covered barely half the shank, and the wings were tied in perhaps two-fifths back. The body was tapered but there many spike s of guard hairs.

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Re: Dorato Hare's Ear

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I had to be at the Clearwater Chapter of TU in Albany Monday evening, giving a PowerPoint on the Esopus Creek... one of my slides included a photo of the DHE, one of my favorite dry flies and a "silver bullet" of sorts... this really ignited a lot of interest... a few folks knew Bill Dorato, and he was THE FOUNDER of this TU chapter way back when... all good stuff...


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Re: Dorato Hare's Ear

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Ed gave a great talk/power point presentation in Albany this past Monday evening on his favorite water, its history, the people, pools, and the finny inhabitants of the Esopus. Ed is a walking encyclopedia. Best guest speaker we've had in a long, long time. Only regret is that I didn't think to take some pics to post here....As ever, Bob

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Re: Dorato Hare's Ear

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Just to throw another fly in the ointment so to speak I pulled out my copy of Dick Talluer's Adult Guide to Fly Fishing. He really liked this fly and the pattern he describes includes clipping the hackles on the bottom to allow the fly to skate more effectively. It's really sort of a "messy" fly but I am guessing that is what makes it appealing.

I tied a few last night using my version of an Atherton # 5 blend and the body definitely has a nice spikey look to it. I didn't clip the hackles on the bottom but can do that streamside should I choose to do so. I'm looking forward to tossing a few of these this weekend in some bouncy water.

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Re: Dorato Hare's Ear

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I do not think it is fair to say that Bill (very good friend) was the founder of Clearwater chapter of Tu. It was more of a group of friends most of whose names have already been mentioned and a few more. The early meetings were held at a restaurant/bar South of Albany on Rt. 9 W. I do not remember the name but old age may play a part in that.

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Re: Dorato Hare's Ear

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John Purple was there in the beginning too.

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