Old style Gordon

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David S.
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Old style Gordon

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Inspired by the beautiful Golden Brown Spinner posted by Niklas Dahlin I decided to have a go at the pattern myself. In Mike Valla's book "The Founding Flies" there's a picture of an original Gordon tied by the man himself. As I happened to have some old style English mayfly hooks that seems to be a pretty good match to the ones used by Gordon I decided to go with a sort of "retro" look inspired by the original. It's not an exact replica, nor was it ever intended to be one. I believe the fly pictured in the book has a rolled (single) wing, I split mine as I intend to fish the fly. From the information in this thread viewtopic.php?f=17&t=6333 it seems Gordon did at times experiment with a split wing design as well so perhaps I'm not that far off after all.. //David S.
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Re: Old style Gordon

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Wow...you really nailed the vintage look on that one Dave, very nice! Love that hook too! CJ
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Re: Old style Gordon

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Very good representation and beautifully crafted.

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Niklas Dahlin
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Re: Old style Gordon

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Nice David... After my is search for info about the winging I am sure that he tied splitwings aswell as a rolled wing.
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