Ginger Quill

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Matt Grobert
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Ginger Quill

Post by Matt Grobert »

Like all the Catskill patterns, this one is a classic with the quill wings and peacock quill body.
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Re: Ginger Quill

Post by squish67 »

Beautiful, one of my favorites. Well tied! :D

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Re: Ginger Quill

Post by fly_fischa »

Stunning fly Matt, I love quill winged dries. :D

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Re: Ginger Quill

Post by Crepuscular »

beautiful! nicely done.

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Re: Ginger Quill

Post by Eperous »

Really nice Matt... really nice... ;) and, I have a special attachment to this pattern... the " second trout that I ever caught on a dry fly" ate a Ginger Quill on the Big Flat Brook back in the mid 60s... while I was just beginning to tie flies myself then, I'd purchase these at Huff's Sporting Goods Store located on Stuyvesant Avenue in Union, NJ--- long since gone...

Thanks for a great tie and fond memories... :D


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Re: Ginger Quill

Post by mvalbano »

Matt it's a great fly and the video you and tim did is awesome. I tied a few up myself!

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Re: Ginger Quill

Post by Allan »


Excellent tie of one of my favorite Catskill classic dry flies. I especially liked the video which I just viewed. Now for 2 questions: 1)Do you tie all your duck quill wings facing forward or do you sometimes tie them so they slant 'back'? 2)Do you reinforce the quill body, with xf wire, cement?



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Re: Ginger Quill

Post by walt »

Ed, wow! The Big Flat Brook was my first and favorite trout stream starting around 1963. I haunted that stream whenever I could get there and I wasn't in school. I tied all my own flies because I could not afford to buy them. To this day I think I can count the flies I have actually purchased on my fingers.
Do you remember the fly shop that was on the corner of the road that leads to the Dingman's Ferry bridge. I can't remember the name of it. The owner used to tolerate a kid drooling over all the perfect looking flies in the bins, and not being able to buy any. My first fly rod was a collapsable steel rod. I wore it out. Thanks for the memories, Walt

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