WTB: Vintage flies & stuff

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WTB: Vintage flies & stuff

Post by bearbutt » Sun Sep 29, 2019 4:52 pm

WTB: vintage flies & related stuff

As some of you know, I am making, as a contemporary art project, a small fly tying museum, to be hosted within a larger contemporary museum. It's a long-term project, I've been at it for about seven years. The Carrie Stevens archive, which I've described elsewhere on SGM, is a related component of the project.

Part of the project includes flies tied primarily by originators of historical patterns, like Hewitt's Skaters. But I am also branching out, and including materials charts, tying notes, correspondence, 'retired' flies, and things like that.

I'm still looking for more material for the project. Most of my focus is on eastern trout flies, but I have included western patterns (Rosborough, Bunyan Bugs, and so on) as well as some salmon and steelhead flies, and even salt water patterns (like Abrames' flatwings, and Jack Gartside's stuff)

Among the things I have a particular interest in:

1) Early Catskill tiers & Atherton
2) Hewitt (a big focus of the project)
3) early Bivisibles
4) soft hackles & flymphs (I have plenty of Nemes flies, but am interested in those tied by others, especially early blind eye ties)
5) Joe Brooks, original blondes
6) Charles Brooks, stone flies and skunks
7) "Retired" flies by major tiers--those chewed up, hook points broken off, etc--I really like this category
8) Tying notes & correspondence by/between tiers
9) Unique materials--especially Darbee necks, even if pretty picked through

Provenance may or may not matter, depending on the flies--.

I am happy to either buy outright or trade.

If you have something, PM me and we'll go from there. I don't need hooks, though. Send all your hooks to Theroe.


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