Selling Rules

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Selling Rules

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I was against adding this section because of the problems it has brought other forums. After a few requests I have decided to add a Classifieds Board.
It works very simply, you post your Classified after it get the ok from a moderator it is there for everyone to see. There are no replies on this board so the seller must be contacted my PM, from there you can work out the deal by e-mail, phone, smoke signals what ever suits you best.
You can go back and update the Classified at anytime and when done please delete the post. After 30 days the post will be deleted automatically, this is just to keep down the clutter. If you want you can repost sometime, just make sure you delete the old one.

This is for personal use! Non-Profits are welcome to use this too, but with approval first!
No business can post on here!!! If you have some business connection in the Fly Fishing Industry chances are you should not be using this.


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