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Joe Fox
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New Forum

Post by Joe Fox »

By popular request, I have created a forum just for the bugs we all know and love. For now only admins and moderators can create topics. A topic will be created for each species. Anyone is open to add information, pictures, imitations or what ever else is relevant. Over the next couple of days I will add a few topics.


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Re: New Forum

Post by northcountryman »

Nice!! This will be good!! Always lookin' to learn more about bugs!!

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Re: New Forum

Post by Eperous »

YO.... JOE.... ain't we going to have some photos of BUGS to go with these posts, or just a bunch of Latin mumbo-jumbo?

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Re: New Forum

Post by catskilljohn »

As Joe stated, this will be added to as time goes by. Naturally right now the major mayflies are for the most part done, so we will get pictures up as they hatch come springtime. This will be a nice addition, thanks for your patience while we accumulate photos. CJ
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