Epeorus vitreus

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Joe Fox
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Epeorus vitreus

Post by Joe Fox »

Family: Heptageniidae (hep-tuh-gene-uh-day)
Genus: Epeorus (ee-pee-or-us)
Species: vitreus (vit-ree-us)

This is what I believe to be a female spinner, taken last year "under the lights" at the Sunoco station in Jeff. Not exact on the month or week, but it was summertime 2011.


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Re: Epeorus vitreus

Post by ewpeper »

A big (14) sulphur (or sulfur) used to be good medicine for this one. I generally tied a thorax pattern for it. Used to get good hatches of it right at the head of Wagon Tracks years back. Often appeared simultaneously with grey fox, Isonychia, and a few others.


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Re: Epeorus vitreus

Post by squish67 »

Usual! ;-)

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Re: Epeorus vitreus

Post by northcountryman »

Are these exclusively an evening occurrence or can they also be impt during the daytime? I don't see them all that much as I'm usually an early AM fiherman.

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