Ray Bergman’s Gravesite

Wets, the subtle art form where masters are few and far between.
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Ray Bergman’s Gravesite

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I didn’t know where else to post this so figured it was most fitting here under the Wet Flies section due to Bergmans contribution to classic wet fly patterns . Since I first read his seminal Tome “Trout”, I’ve been a major devotee and adherent to his style of Flyfishing. To say that it has influenced me immensely -both in my own fishing And also, my personal life- is truly an understatement. Consequently, I had always endeavored to visit his grave and finally did so today , on a whim . I’ve included some pics of his grave and that if his wife and parents .
He’s buried in Oak Hill Cemetary , directly across the street from Nyack hospital . From his grave there’s a lovely view of the Hudson River , a very fitting final resting place for a truly great man and flyfishing legend . Rest In Peace Ray ....
B48551AB-7BC2-4ADA-8F48-9D585C690A69.jpeg (351.28 KiB) Viewed 2210 times
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B48551AB-7BC2-4ADA-8F48-9D585C690A69.jpeg (351.28 KiB) Viewed 2210 times
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Re: Ray Bergman’s Gravesite

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Bergman's Trout was one of the first, and most influential, books I ever read on this subject back in the late 60s.... thanks for posting....


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