Conover Flymph

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Conover Flymph

Post by tie2fish »

After seeing Nik's post the other day and then checking out the Conover entries in Mike Valla's "Tying Catskill-Style Dry Flies", I felt that this was too beautiful a pattern to not have an entry in the subsurface genre. Hence ...

Hook: Mustad 94842, Size #12
Thread: Black Uni 6/0
Hackle: Golden badger hen
Tail: Cream hen
Body: 50/50 blend of muskrat and red wool with a touch of cream seal spun in crimson silk thread on a Clark block


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Re: Conover Flymph

Post by Eperous »

Good looking wet fly/flymph... :D now you need to test it out come 2015... ;)


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Re: Conover Flymph

Post by novabass »

That is a very nice flymph and I really like the idea of converting the Conover to flymph form.
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Re: Conover Flymph

Post by quashnet »

It seems something like a cross between a Tup's Indispensable and an Isonychia Bicolor nymph. Should catch fish.
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Re: Conover Flymph

Post by SgtMajUSMC »


Great tying in the Hidy style, as always.
Superb photography, and really like the way you've wrapped the hackle through the front of the thorax to spread it out.
I can't remember what author recommended a dubbing mix of red wool and brown fur for a tying up a simple wet fly. It may have been Ted Trueblood, as it seems the article was in Field & Stream, probably in the late 70's. Most likely the fish took it for a pellet. It was a very useful pattern for me as a youngster.



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