Don Gapen Original Muddler Minnow

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Don Gapen Original Muddler Minnow

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While attempting to clean up my 2 tying rooms, fly mounting room and tackle room before my wife makes good on her threat to call "Hoarders, Buried alive" and suggest me for an episode, I came across an original Don Gapen Muddler Minnow. Because it is still in its original plastic bag, it is somewhat flattened, but thought you would like to see it as they have changed over the years. Bob
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Re: Don Gapen Original Muddler Minnow

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WOW!!! :o :shock: :D

Great post... one of my favorite flies.... thanks for posting....


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Re: Don Gapen Original Muddler Minnow

Post by dennis »

Nice Bob. The newer one's sure do look different :) I prefer the older pattern, looks more fish-enticing ( is that a word) :lol:
thanks for sharing Dennis

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Re: Don Gapen Original Muddler Minnow

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It's so funny to see that fly tied that way, and it brings back a very specific memory. The first fishing "trip" on which I took my then very "new" wife, back in 1964, was to the Catskills, to the Roscoe Motel. I fished very recently acquired "Gapen-style" muddlers in the run between the motel and the junction. I absolutely "murdered" fish through that stretch with the muddlers and my old Wright & McGill yellow glass 7-footer with a 1492 Medalist. A couple of "older guys" (probably in their 40s!) were staying next door, and I still remember their lovely cane rods with intermediate wraps mounted with fine Hardy reels. One of them had seen me and asked what fly I was using. I will never forget the bemused look he gave those "original" muddlers, and kindly saying "That looks like a fish getter." Neither he nor I had any idea at that time what a legend that fly would develop.

Thanks for spurring that recollection, Bob.

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Re: Don Gapen Original Muddler Minnow

Post by mikevalla », what a fly. I'll have to see it in real live person----We need to do breakfast in Cobbie
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Re: Don Gapen Original Muddler Minnow

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One of a long list of classic, iconic streamers that have 'morphed' over time and of which many today have little idea of the original look/idea. Muddler, Blacknose Dace, Gray Ghost, Nine-Three...

Thanks for sharing that. Now if you REALLY want to show the TRUE spirit of sharing, I have a nice slot in my desk drawer waiting... :lol:

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Re: Don Gapen Original Muddler Minnow

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Great to see an original, thanks Bob. CJ
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Re: Don Gapen Original Muddler Minnow

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