The Classic Streamer Fly Box

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The Classic Streamer Fly Box

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The Classic Streamer Fly Box book discussion found its way into SGM posts what was happening with its release goes back several years ago. I had completed that book some 8 years ago. 100 classics.

It was a third installment of a "classics" series that was planned with a publisher (following my Classic Dry Fly Box, and Classic Wet Fly Box).
It was in the hands of a publisher, but I took it back for a variety of reasons. I was working on two other books and a guy can only take so much sitting at a desk. Plus, the magazine was keeping me there, too.

Then, recently, my regular publisher Stackpole asked what I ended up doing with it. Answer: "It's been collecting dust in a drawer for several years." They asked to see it and decided it should get between covers. I sort of sensed they didn't really want to publish another Streamer book, but it was a sweetener---they wanted me to write another Catskills book. So, I agreed to send in the moth balled streamers book, and begin working on the Catskills book.

So, like the mythological Phoenix bird, it arose from the dead. Someone alerted me that it's up on Amazon for a Feb. 1 2020 release. I wasn't paying any attention to it lately, since I've been hammering away at yet another book Stackpole asked me to write--an 8th flies book, a Catskill theme. (I guess that one will be my last---but I said that two books ago LOL)

Anyway, that answers the question from several years ago.Not trying to sell anything---but I've been asked about it from time to time.
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Re: The Classic Streamer Fly Box

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YaHooo, can't wait. Will it be in the same format as the other three books?

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Re: The Classic Streamer Fly Box

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narcodog wrote:
Sun Jun 23, 2019 7:21 pm
YaHooo, can't wait.
Me 2!!!! Looking forward to this... :D

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