Salars Nemesis

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Brk Trt
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Salars Nemesis

Post by Brk Trt »

A salmon fly created by Sylvester Nemes. The fly works very well on wild brook trout.

salr nem_edited-1.jpg
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Re: Salars Nemesis

Post by tie2fish »

Very well tied, Alan, and the results speak for themselves. Nemes would be proud.

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Re: Salars Nemesis

Post by ReelCatskillsJeff »

A fly that is as colorful as the trout! Nice tie! :D

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Re: Salars Nemesis

Post by ironsightimages »

Hi, hopefully it's ok for me to ask this here.

I'm new to tying and would like to take a shot at tying this pattern. I've done some searching for a materials list and haven't come up with any.
Could anyone share a list of what I should be buying for this?

Thanks for your assistance.

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Re: Salars Nemesis

Post by squish67 »

If you go to Brk Trt's blog, Small Stream Reflections you can find this recipe and more info. At any rate here it is:

The recipe is...Hook, a salmon fly Daiichi 2441 #8...Tail, Golden pheasant tippets...Body, Orange Silk...Rib, Flat silver tinsel...Thorax, Orange Dubbing...Hackle, Yellow Hen Saddle...Thread, Orange.


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