The Rule Book - Last Updated 09/19/2016

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The Rule Book - Last Updated 09/19/2016

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I see little need for a long list of rules. Most things are common sense to most and if there are things that become issues I will deal with them as they come along. I do feel there is some need to set a tone for things here.

Cursing / Swearing: Please don't get out of control. I love those four letter words and others, but if such words are over used to the point it makes the site look unbecoming I will censor them (yes we have the power).

Flaming & Personal Attacks: This drives me nuts and can quickly ruin a forum. There are very few times that someone on here should personally attack someone. It is one thing to disagree and debate the topic, but if things go too far they will be stopped. Just remember you are not always right, nor am I.

Shameless Promotion: I have no issues with people referring others to places when they are looking for something. I do have issues with people pimping THEIR stuff by starting a thread or responding to a post. Here is a good way to tell if you should not be creating the thread. If you have a direct commercial interest in what the thread is about, you should not be creating it.

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