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Image Guidelines

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Copyrighted Material: Remember, almost all images are copyright protected. If you did not take the image please make sure you have permission with the copyright owner, to post the image. This also includes scanned or photographed images of books and magazines, which are almost always copyright protected themselves.

Image Size: Keep image resolutions no larger then 800 wide. The simple reason is because this size allows the full image to be seen on the vast majority of users.

Image Hosting: The forum offers image hosting and we prefer you use that service. The main reason for this are to have a archive of old posts without losing the image, a problem very common with most image hosting services. For the person posting the image, they can delete the image by editing the post if they wish it removed for any reason.

Image Posting Howto Images can be added any time during the post creation and even after.
I. Select the "Upload attachment" tab.
1.jpg (95.34 KiB) Viewed 16980 times
II. Select "Browse" to choose the file to upload from you computer.
III. Once file is selected select "Add the file". This uploads the file to the forum server. This can take a few seconds to a minute depending on image size & your internet connection.
IV. Once the file is uploaded you should now see something like this.
2.jpg (128.92 KiB) Viewed 16981 times
By placing the mouse cursor on the location in your post you want the image to appear then selecting "Place inline" the image will be inserted into the image.
3.jpg (126.46 KiB) Viewed 16981 times
You can select "Preview" to see you image before you post it if needed. At anytime you can edit your post to remove or change images or their location.
Each post can currently have 12 images attached to it.

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