Been out for a while

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Been out for a while

Post by Fatman »

Well after all the medical crap I went through I finally got fishing this year. Best part of it all was I got to corrupt my grand daughter!!!!!!! We had her for the summer and let me tell you she is hooked!!! First couple times she wasn't real happy holding a fish but she got over it.


Playing with the worms and thought she was in trouble

Next to last trip

The Fish and Wildlife pond we go to, it has bass, perch, sunfish, trout and some really mean snapping turtles. This is only part of the pond as my batteries died

Last trip out I forgot the camera as I was trying to get home quick to take her fishing before she had to go home to Michigan, the next morning.

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Re: Been out for a while

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Fatman... she's a cutie, nice to have you back... grandchidren are something special, ain't they... ;) we have 6, only one princess among them all those boys... if I only knew how easy and how much fun grandchildren are, I probably never would have had any kids--- just grandchildren... :o :?

Thanks for sharing special times and memories...


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