Anyone looking for a LAW vise?

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Re: Anyone looking for a LAW vise?

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I too started with that Noll kit, and the vise wasn't worth the dollar or so it probably cost as part of that box of so-called fly tying materials. Hans' vise on the other hand just might be worth the price. I've tied on it and loved everything about it. Ergonomically it's beautiful. That said, I'll never have that kind of money, and the vise I have does hold the hook, which is important. I think vises these days are somewhat of a bargain. It's hard to spend over $60 and not get something really substantial. I've tied on quite a few and liked them all, though how many years they'll go who knows? Surprisingly, I didn't like the Thompson B that Harrop was selling for awhile, though it certainly works for him. I may be the only person alive who hates that vise, but did. It was more the C clamp on the thing than the jaws as I recall. Just wasn't stable.

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Re: Anyone looking for a LAW vise?

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Good observation on the instability of that Thompson C-Clamp, Eric. It drove me batty until I found a homemade pedestal to hold the vise. I settled on the Regal Inex some time in the late 1970s shortly after they came on the market. Gary LaFontaine was visiting us in MN while he was doing a show, and he insisted I buy one (less than $45. then). I've never looked back. IMO, the primary task of the vise is to hold the hook securely, and I've not seen any vise that does that as well and as simply as a Regal.

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Re: Anyone looking for a LAW vise?

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I will vote for the Regal and its' hook holding ability. Got mine from John Harder at Orvis, just as they came out. Used to tie 2000-2500 dozen a year on it, never had a problem. As a commercial tier the best thing was you could go from a 6 to a 20 with no adjustment. Sitting here looming at it right now, 30+years later.

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Re: Anyone looking for a LAW vise?

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The Regal revolution is getting bigger every year. I have never tyed on one, but it seems everyone else does :lol: CJ
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