Grayling Steel Blue

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Niklas Dahlin
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Grayling Steel Blue

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Evening buddies. Long time since last post.. I do lurk around checking out that you guys are behaving now and then :roll:

Anyway, thought I would share one of my favorite patterns for Grayling. This is a classic english pattern, the originators name is Roger Woolley. Roger had a big tying business in England, almost "factory like". He had a batch of female tyers tying his patterns that i sold to both shops and fishermen around UK. There´s a great book about him, "Forgotten flies of Roger Woolley". The Grayling Steel blue is according to the book one of his favorite flies. The fly is tied on a Partridge Dry fly supreme (L5A) size 16.

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Re: Grayling Steel Blue

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Nice Nik, as always! Glad your checking in...not much fishing going on around here till we get some rain. CJ
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Re: Grayling Steel Blue

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Very nice tie

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