Gray Wulff

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Gray Wulff

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In The Atlantic Salmon Lee Wulff wrote, “Probably the most widely used dry fly patterns for salmon are the Grey Wulff and White Wulff, designed by the writer in 1929.” In various other accounts Lee noted he first used his Gray Wulff on the Esopus Creek in the spring of 1930 while fishing with Dan Bailey, though he observed various mayflies on the Beaverkill and Ausable in the Adirondacks in prior seasons which he patterned this after--- namely the Isonychia. Wulff wanted a dry with bulk, durability, and enhanced floatability that would make it worth’s the trout time and effort to rise.

Gray Wulff:

Grey Wulff, #10 Mustad 94840.JPG
Grey Wulff, #10 Mustad 94840.JPG (48.16 KiB) Viewed 5457 times

Hook: #10 Mustad 94840
Thread: black
Tail: brown bucktail
Wing: brown bucktail
Body: gray angora yarn or rabbit
Hackle: dun

References include: The Atlantic Salmon, Lee Wulff on Flies and The Compleat Lee Wulff, plus the July 2017 Gazette, the newsletter of the Fly Tyers Guild.

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