From Halford's early dries to the Catskill dry and everything else that floats on the surface.
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Perhaps not bred from Catskill originate, but this particular style of dry fly works well on local waters, especially the Esopus Creek...

My good friend, Tony C.--- I call him Mr. Spundun--- introduced me to this style of dry fly, based upon a March/April 2003 issue of the American Angler and an Art Scheck article titled “Perpetual Flotation.” Let me add this upfront, I don’t tie the pattern like Tony does, nor the article suggests. I tie it more like a “wounded Comparadun”, but it works for me. Come summer when Esopus Iso’s reappear, and a #10 Chocolate Haystack has run its course, often I find a #14 Iso Spundun a perfect imitation to use.

Iso Spundun, #14 Mustad 94840.jpg
Iso Spundun, #14 Mustad 94840.jpg (39.08 KiB) Viewed 1316 times


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