Weekend report April 27-28

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Weekend report April 27-28

Post by catskilljohn »

Got up to the house Friday night driving through rain for most of the trip. Chilly, but not freezing overnight with temps in the high 30’s.
Saturday I had a tying gig to attend in Hancock, so with only a half hour to fish I drove into the high up area of my local stream. Elevated and discolored, but fishable, I dapped a single nymph through the pockets and small pools, nicking one and landing one.

I fished an old 3pc Fisher graphite 5-6, Medalist gem and a single Atherton #2 on a short line, it was a lot of fun on old gear and a classic pattern. CJ
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Re: Weekend report April 27-28

Post by Bamboo&Brookies »

Thanks for report, CJ. Tough conditions all around. Especially when even the small tribs are so high and cold.

Time to fish some stillwater 'til everything else drops, clears and warms up a bit. I hope there are still a few Hendricksons around when rivers are fishable again.
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Re: Weekend report April 27-28

Post by Algyros »

Thanks for the report, John. I'm sure better days are ahead.

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Re: Weekend report April 27-28

Post by Eperous »

Good looking nymph, CJ... so far this trout season has been the toughest on me that I can ever remember in recent decades... lots of water, and cold water early on...


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