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Re: Vise recommendations

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Bamboo&Brookies wrote:
Tue Sep 17, 2019 9:24 am
Hey folks, a friend of mine is looking to leap down the rabbit hole and get into fly tying. I have tried to warn him away from this road to personal and financial ruin but he will not be swayed.

He is asking suggestions for a basic, decent vise to start with. I figure he will be tying trout flies for the most part -- probably sz. 4 streamers through sz. 20 or so dries.

I have a Dyna-King Barracuda Jr. rotary... got it years ago at Somerset for under $200... I like it but I see they now go for $400... way too steep.

I see good things said about HMH Spartan vises, or even the old standard Thompson "A" model, which appear to be available to this day.

Any other thoughts ( ? )


-Rob J.
Rob - I forgot to mention one thing: Did you mention to your friend about how much money he’s going to save?
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Re: Vise recommendations

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Oh yes... the cost savings we all enjoy by tying our own flies will fund our retirements!

You start out just wanting to tie a few wooly buggers -- spending a few bucks on a pack of streamer hooks, a spool of 6/0 black thread, some marabou, saddle hackle and chenille.

Before you know it you are on a mission to collect every shade of Collins dry fly hackle. Then the finest Darbee pale watery dun neck. Then of course you have to get your hands on an original card of Chadwicks 477, spools of vintage Pearsall's silk in every hue, hundreds and hundreds of classic Allocks and Mustad hooks, original tubes of Overton's wax, a patch of the ever-elusive urine-stained vixen, polar bear hair, seal fur and condor feathers. Then you have gone completely over the edge when you acquire -- at any cost -- a small packet of some type of dubbing made from the unmentionable regions of a British ram's anatomy.

All the while assuring yourself of how much money you are saving by tying your own flies! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Like they say, I hope my wife doesn't sell my fly tying materials for what I told her I paid for them!

Give a man a fly rod, a shotgun and a bird dog and he'll never be worth a d*mn.
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Re: Vise recommendations

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even more budget minded than the HMH Spartan,
consider the HMH Silhouette.

It's the same jaws/cam/etc as the spartan,
but is a fixed-angle head.

I tie on this and have never had wont to adjust the head angle.
it does rotate like the spartan, also.

can be had new for $80 or so.

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Re: Vise recommendations

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Rob - I forgot to mention one thing: Did you mention to your friend about how much money he’s going to save?
About as much money as I saved when I got in to reloading for my action shooting sports habit.... :?
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