To be or not to be

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To be or not to be

Post by Eperous »

During summer months I'm into terrestrials and really love a Letort Hopper... and when I wander outdoors, either fishing or hiking, I'm always looking around, at nature...

A couple weeks ago while brook trout fishing I noticed quite a few bees...

Bee.JPG (104.76 KiB) Viewed 1658 times

... which brought back memories of my earliest fly-fishing days back in the 70s... I remember buying an assortment of wet flies--- tied overseas--- with many noted patterns of the day, including a Bee... and one of my first fly-tying books Family Circle's Guide to Trout Flies had a couple Bee patterns within...

I'm curious--- more for old times' sake than anything else--- how many folks still tie/fish a Bee pattern?


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Re: To be or not to be

Post by squish67 »


The last time I used a bee pattern was in the late 70's, and I was bass worked! :o :lol: :D

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Re: To be or not to be

Post by bearbutt »

Here's one from.....1974!



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Re: To be or not to be

Post by Theroe »

Beauty Joe - Did you tie that?

With regard to the bumblebee, twice this fall I have seen fish eat them: once on the Beaverkill , and once on the Broadheads.......Of course, I had no bumblebee patterns in my fly wallet :shock:
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Re: To be or not to be

Post by redietz »

I tied some McGintys for a swap about five years back, meaning to fish the extras, but kept forgetting to put them in my vest. Now I fear I've lost them. I've certainly caught trout on them in the past.

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