RIP Nelson Bryant

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RIP Nelson Bryant

Post by JoeCz »

Growing up in a non-outdoorsy family, his columns in the NYT helped fuel my interest in fishing during my youth and early teens.

I particularly like this passage quoted in the article, referring to pickerel and trout:

“The thought of fly casting for a fish that bears a superficial resemblance to a snake may be more than some purists can stomach. Trout are beautiful and wise, pickerel are neither. However, a man cannot always chase rainbows.”

Link to the NYT obit: ... Obituaries

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Re: RIP Nelson Bryant

Post by squish67 »

Saddened to read this. Grew up on his writing. He will be missed.

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Re: RIP Nelson Bryant

Post by Eperous »

Sad news indeed... he was always a good read....


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Re: RIP Nelson Bryant

Post by Algyros »

I, too, am saddened by this news. I remember many a day when, as a kid, reading Nelson Bryant brought light into my dark and dingy NY apartment.


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Re: RIP Nelson Bryant

Post by bearbutt »

A great loss for all of us, especially those of us with a long affliction, I mean habit, of reading the NY Times. Bryant was from a generation of writer-anglers who knew from deep experience what he was writing--something younger writers today think Google can replace. LOL. But it makes me wish the Times had someone else writing about the outdoors on a regular basis--because we need this kind of presence now more than ever.

From yesterday's Times--photograph by Mark Alan Lovewell:



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Re: RIP Nelson Bryant

Post by St.Froid »

I just finished reading 'Upriver and Downstream' where a number of his NY Times columns appear. I really enjoyed his writing style, it was easy on the eyes and a joy to read. I spent a large amount of my youth fishing the western NH waters that were his beat when he worked for the Daily Eagle, although at the time I had no idea I would be reading his prose all these years later. I love good writing; his will be missed.

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Re: RIP Nelson Bryant

Post by grousechaser »

Nelson was a friend. I fished with him at the Vineyard and shared some meals at his table. Over 35 years we corresponded about fly fishing and grouse hunting. His knowledge and advice was rich. He was a combat Veteran who was shot through the chest by a German soldier and was able to go through rehab in England and insisted on re-joining his Company. That speaks volumes. If you have never read his columns from the NY Times, you should get his books which compile them. He was a gifted outdoors writer and was one of a kind. He will be missed.

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Re: RIP Nelson Bryant

Post by gadabout »

I just found this today. Sad news. He was always a favorite of mine. During my newbie days, he found me fishing Wagon Tracks Pool during my first opening day on the Beaverkill and included me in his column the next day. A true gentleman.

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