Partridge & Orange, dropper wet

Wets, the subtle art form where masters are few and far between.
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Partridge & Orange, dropper wet

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I tied a bunch of wet flies used on Catskill headwater brook trout fishing, including a version of the Partridge & Orange on a #12 Mustad 3399 hook...

Colorful caddis abound on the headwaters of the West Branch Neversink...

WBN caddis.jpg
WBN caddis.jpg (89.87 KiB) Viewed 2019 times
... and a Partridge & Orange hanging some 6" below a dry fly often is the ticket wild brook trout are willing to punch....

Partridge & Orange, #12 Mustad 3399.jpg
Partridge & Orange, #12 Mustad 3399.jpg (43.59 KiB) Viewed 2019 times


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